Brady Stephenson

Photo- Brady Stephenson

Brady Stephenson is a leader, transformational strategist, and online columnist with extensive experience in both the financial services and information technology industries.

With a broad educational background that includes medicine, business administration, and computer technology, he believes that continuous learning and servant leadership are the keys to success.

Mr. Stephenson currently serves in many ways:

  • He provides leadership and direction as a business applications advisor and transformational leader for USAA, the nation's premier financial services provider.  USAA is dedicated to meeting the financial needs of the men, women, and families of the U.S. armed forces.  The core values of service, loyalty, honesty, and integrity are USAA's bedrock foundation.
  • He coaches others in motivational, transformational, and servant leadership abilities.
  • He is the founder and executive director for the educational foundation, Psalm11918.org.
  • He is also an online columnist.



7-p2Mr. Stephenson was born and raised in the midst of the agricultural and petroleum industries of West Texas.  In an environment where every farm and ranch is a small business, he learned the lessons of management early while developing the skills required to enable the family farm to thrive.  Honesty, integrity, dedication, and service were the core values that emerged from the crucible of hard work in the Texas heat.

Always eager to learn, he attended Angelo State University in pursuit of a degree in medicine.  After concluding his studies there, he turned his focus once again to business and earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Recognizing the accelerating pace of change and the value of software automation, he completed his BBA with a concentration in Information Technology.

Applying the knowledge and skills earned through his studies, Mr. Stephenson began leading teams of software developers in creating solutions in mainframe and desktop environments.  Although he did not invent the Internet, Mr. Stephenson's most recent activity in the IT world was leading multinational teams in the development of web-based services for banking, insurance, and investments.

Shifting his efforts from building technology to defining and operating world-class electronic communications, Brady assumed responsibility as senior channel manager for USAA's electronic channel capabilities.

Throughout his career, he has coached and encouraged others through professional speaking focused on motivational leadership.  In his current role as senior channel manager, he has developed an extra emphasis on transformational leadership and the need for leaders at every level to aid in transforming the financial services industry.

Mr. Stephenson also serves as the Executive Director of the educational non-profit group, The Psalm 119 Foundation and as the Senior Creative Director of Psalm11918.org.

A San Angelo native, Brady is married and has two children.