Whether they need a one-day refresher course or a full week seminar, Brady offers instruction that is sure to enlighten, encourage, and grow your leadership team in ways that will equip them to move your company forward.

Servant Leadership Training enables your leaders to shift their management approach to an appropriate style and shift their focus towards the success of their subordinates.

Transformational Leadership Training prepares your leaders to navigate the uncharted waters involved with taking your company to the next level.

Motivational Leadership Training equips your leaders with the motivational insight and tools needed to ensure your employees are engaged and focused on getting the job done.

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stephenson_consulting_300If you have found his seminars helpful and would like additional support, Mr. Stephenson offers limited consulting engagements to further aid your company in achieving its goals.

Mr. Stephenson partners with his clients to equip their leadership teams to face new challenges and opportunities with additional tools that enable success.

His services have been valued by companies ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations as well as non-profit organizations.  If your educational or religious institution is in need of help, Mr. Stephenson can tailor guidance specifically to meet your unique needs.

If you want your organization to grow further, Brady Stephenson can provide the knowledge, experience, and skills you need to springboard to greater accomplishments and success!


iStock_000007504358_300Symphony directors transform a group of individual musicians of varying skill and maturity into a single, cohesive entity that is able to perform dazzlingly complex pieces of music. 

In a similar fashion, Mr. Stephenson can teach you his unique style of servant leadership that provides purpose, direction, and motivation to others in ways that will engage your workforce and enable them to perform like a finely tuned symphony.

If your company's performance has plateaued and is not maturing and growing as quickly as you would like then you may benefit from the transformational leadership Brady provides.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about engaging our services.