Whether they need a one-day refresher course or a full week seminar, Brady offers instruction that is sure to enlighten, encourage, and grow your leadership team in ways that will equip them to move your company forward.

Servant Leadership Training enables your leaders to shift their management approach to an appropriate style and shift their focus towards the success of their subordinates.

Transformational Leadership Training prepares your leaders to navigate the uncharted waters involved with taking your company to the next level.

Motivational Leadership Training equips your leaders with the motivational insight and tools needed to ensure your employees are engaged and focused on getting the job done.


Servant Leadership-

This training is focused on small or medium-sized business interested in growing and maturing their leaders. 

Small and medium-sized businesses often embrace a very top-down and hands-on style of leadership.  This course can aid in shifting leadership styles towards a participative or delegative form that will engage and motivate subordinates to new levels of performance. Given the opportunity and proper motivation your employees may surprise you with their ability to exceed your expectations.

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Transformational Leadership-

If your company needs radical change to "take it to the next level" then you probably also need transformational leaders who can establish a new vision, communicate a clear path towards your goals, and sustain morale during the transition. The skills required to transform an organization are not the same as those required to sustain existing operations. Your company's leadership team will benefit from learning the skills required to manage substantial change.

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Motivational Leadership-

In the midst of the current economy, employees often spend more time trying to keep their job than they spend actually doing their job.  Mr. Stephenson's motivational leadership training equips your company's leaders to identify and implement the proper motivational tools to keep your employees engaged and performing their best. When profit margins are tight and your employees level of productivity is the difference between success and failure, the proper motivational techniques can ensure your company outperforms the competition.