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"What is the Gospel" available now. "The Kingdom of G-d" and "The Holiness Code" are in development along with the 15-volume "One Messianic Gentile" anthology.
Every book, person, place, relationship, and event in the Bible available as structured information:
Stephenson's Bible Data is available on GitHub and
Founder and executive director of the non-profit educational organization, the Psalm 119 Foundation. Thousands of articles, studies, and commentary are available.

When we work hard for
something we don’t believe in,
      it’s called stress.
When we work hard for
something we love,
      it’s called passion.

~ Simon Sinek

"Brady is a unique and invaluable resource."

I could not have established our Data Program Management Office without his dedication and experience.

~ Karen Hiers
~ Karen Hiers

Northern Trust Chief Data Officer

Professional Background

Knowledge and experience you can trust.
Multidisciplinary skills
Strategic Thinking, Agile Transformation, Business Analysis, Process Engineering, Program Management, etc.
Years Experience
• Insurance
• Investments
• Banking
• Technology
• Data

Brady Stephenson

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Real.  Servant.  Leadership.